Genade van Brahman
As Brahman the ultimate reality
and Brahma the highest god pertaining
the Creation within.

As one syllable difference their
form or their function is close
to each other.

The supreme reality,
by Godly intervening,
Creates all life within
this reality.

Brahma being not only
the Creator at the beginning of time,
but of every moment,
even surpassing time and its limits.

As the philosophical idea,
that all beings are bound by
their insight of their life and time.

The beings holding their awareness
in the moment and place of their
existence. called life.

As Brahman being the supreme reality,
surpasses all so called dimensions.
as seen as reality for all creatures.

As Brahman is not a person or entity
it does not Create but all originate
and Brahma being the godhead,
creates as being a godhead or entity,
and has the deed of Creation.